• Tricone Bits

    ChrisCo Inc, offers in all formations and sizes used steel tooth and TCI Bits as well as new and surplus new.

  • Drag Bits

    We house a generous supply of standard design drag bits as well as custom designs and specifications to meet your specific down hole needs.

  • Hole Openers

    We house a wide variety of our very own custom designed and built hole openers as well as thrive in custom builds to meet your specific down hole needs.

  • Stabilizers

    We house a wide variety of sizes, connections and types
    of stabilizers to meet BHA requirements with performance and dependability!

Any and All Custom Work...

ChrisCo Bits, Inc.

ChrisCo offers its services to both the US and abroad!

ChrisCo (while servicing the oil (petroleum), gas, and water well industries) puts a emphasis on a quick response effort with a professional "can-do" attitude with our dependable, and performance driven tools.

Contact us today with your specific requests, and we will be ready to meet your needs, manufactured or readily available!



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